Kitchen 001

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Concept Kitchen Design

Kitchen 001 "初" is a compact kitchen design that aims to provide every essential function of a kitchen and allow a person who does not have much cooking experience can cooking smoothly. The target group people are age between 20 to 40. 

User Researh

The target users are age between 20 to 40. The people who don't have much cooking experience and like to keep everything in order and well organised.​

The survey was sent to 50 people and had 43 responses. The respondents are live in different countries, such as Germany, England, Japan, Finland, Taiwan and Australia. The age of the respondents is between 18 to 41 years old. Most of them have more than 3 years of cooking experience and cooking a couple of times a week.

The data of the survey was used as the base for designing the kitchen.

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By protruding one edge of the cutting board to create a slight angle, make water droplets slide down and allow the drying process of the cutting board to be faster.