Unspoken Dialogue


Year : 


Project Type :

Personal Project

Co-design with You-Chia, Chen

Physical intimacy, except for the language, people also use nonverbal methods to communicate, for example, acts and reactions. Physical touch has emotional and social connotations that often far outweigh anything that can be expressed in language. It conveys our feelings and intentions more efficient and direct than speech can do.


Moreover, it reveals the real thought which masked by the beautiful pretences of a person’s words. However, in the human’s community, language-based communication plays an important role and nonverbal behaviours are often downplayed.

Through the actions of hold, hug, caress, kisses and even gazes, people built and deepen the intimate relationships with others. By these gentle and warm touches, they are also seeking for comforts, supports, and compliments.


Relying on each other is an action only when two people have a very close and trusting relationship. The Unspoken Dialogue is a seat slightly inclined by 15 degrees, so when two people are sitting next to each other at the same time, they will naturally rely on each other, to create a ‘Physical intimacy’.